Knowledge check lesson 1 Answers

1 What are the main types of democracy?


2 What is the role of direct democracy in the UK political system?


  • informs decisions of representatives though consultation and citizen's juries

  • increases participation

  • allows for public education and debate

  • confers greater legitimacy on constitutional decisions

  • Acts to entrench constitutional changes

  • Limits the power of governments

3 Why is democracy important?


  • allows people to participate

  • bonds society together- in a social contract

  • limits the power of governments- holds governments individually and collectively to account

  • provides representation of society-pluralism

  • allows individual freedoms (liberal democracy)

  • gives government the right (authority to govern)

  • gives government decisions and laws legitimacy

  • 4 How does representative democracy operate in the UK?


5 What are the problems with UK democracy?


6 How and why should UK democracy be reformed?