Human rationality is the belief that humans have an innate understanding of right and wrong and can make logical decisions based on facts and evidence rather than making emotional decisions. Liberals view humans as capable of reason and rationality. Unlike conservatives, they see the individual as the best judge of their own actions and capable of making decisions and deciding what is right and wrong. This leads logically to a mistrust of authority and governments. Liberals see humans as selfish, but capable of controlling their own destiny. This leads liberals to have an optimistic view of human progress, in which society will improve and develop over time. Rational individuals realise that cooperation and compromise are more sensible than conflict and war. This will lead to tolerance and harmony in society. It also links to the liberal belief in the value of education and the capacity for humans to learn. The idea of human reason and rationality dates back to the Enlightenment and is a response to early ideas that humans were flawed, weak characters, controlled by emotion and needing the strong guidance of a monarch with traditional authority. A belief that humans are rational and reasonable implies that there is no need for strong government and that instead individuals should be given as much freedom as possible.