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December 2023.Rwanda government threatens to pull out of the deal if it does not adhere to international law. Link: International agreements, human rights law, role of media. 

 December 2023 Robert Jenrick  resigns after the publication of the emergency legislation that will disapply sections of the Human Rights Act  responsibility, ministerial responsibility, power of PM vs Cabinet, 

 December 2023 The government will disapply sections of the Human Rights Act from its emergency Rwanda legalisation . Link: Human Rights in the UK, Sovereignty of Parliament      The location of sovereignty in the UK 

December 2023 . Rishi Sunak suffers his FIRST Commons defeat as PM over the infected blood scandal 246 to 242 in favour of a new body to help compensate - government majority wiped out  Win for Labour, forcing him into a £20 billion spending commitment this year Link Role of backbenchers, power of PM

December 5th 2023 Senate confirms more than 400 military promotions after @SenTuberville (R-AL) dropped his months long blockade of the nominations, which he held up in protest of the Pentagon's abortion policies. Link: Party factions, abortion, Congress partisanship The powers of the  Senate  

Case Study: Rwanda Bill and Conservative Party Factions December 2023

 13 December 2023 The Republican-led US House of Representatives has formally backed an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Lawmakers voted 221 to 212 - entirely along party lines - on Wednesday to authorise a resolution that accuses the president of bribery, corruption and influence-peddling off his "brand".

link: Congress partisanship, The Impeachment of Trump, Is Congress the broken Branch? 

Supreme Court to rule if Trump can run for president Jan 5th 2024

The Supreme Court and Public Policy


 2023 Is Barbie a feminist movie?  link Feminism 

On 14 December 2023 the House of Commons Committee on Standards published a report on Scott Benton, the MP for Blackpool South.  Recall of MPs Act 2015 Parliamentary Standards 

January 2024 Case study Mr Bates v The Post Office  Link Voting behaviour and the Media Parliamentary Sovereignty 

January 2024:Voting intentions tracker 2024

Rwanda Bill: Lords effectiveness ,Constitutional Reform Elective Dictatorship.

Feb 2024 Wellingborough  by-election was won by Gen Kitchen of the Labour Party. It was the biggest swing from the Conservatives to Labour since the 1994 Dudley West by-election and the second biggest since the Second World War. Recall of MPs Act 2015   Scott Benton: Lobbying scandal MP loses suspension appeal 

Useful A-level textbooks

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Essay Competitions

R.A. Butler Politics Prize — an essay competition by Trinity College, Cambridge with a choice of ten questions:

History of Parliament Competition — an essay competition in which you can write on any topic of your choosing relating to parliamentary or political history:

➜ Robson History Prize — an history-based essay competition from Trinity College, Cambridge. There is choice of around 90 questions, many of which are politically themed:

➜ John Locke Institute Essay Competition — an essay competition with titles on politics, history, philosophy, law and economics to choose from:

➜ The Orwell Youth Prize — a writing competition that encourages entries in differing styles of writing (not just essays) on political themes: