The Core Executive Model

The core executive is an informal network of bodies and actors at the apex of government which play key roles in the formulation of policy and the direction of government .

It is where key policies are created and conflicts between different parts of Government are sorted out, such how English votes for English laws should be carried out or how much extra funding to give the NHS.

A web of relationships

It does include a number of institutions but is best thought of a web of relationships between key people and institutions at the centre of Government power.

The main bodies and actors within the core executive are:

• The prime minister, leading members of the Prime Minister’s office and other close advisers and confidantes

• The cabinet (or at least its ‘big beasts’), the main cabinet committees and leading figures within the Cabinet Office • Senior officials in the Treasury and other major government departments, and in other bodies including the Bank of England and the security and intelligence services

• Individuals and outside organisations (including think-tanks) that the prime minister or leading cabinet members may look to for policy advice

• Key MPs and peers, especially government whips and possibly chairs of important select committees