Core Political Ideas 

The UK Constitution


Geoffrey Cox  Should MPs have second jobs?

Owen Patterson How effective are Parliamentary standards?

              Case study Revolving door UK Greensill and David Cameron

Prime Minister and Executive

Relations Between the Branches



Exam Papers

 Unit 3 Global Politics   

Theories of Global Governance 

 The United Nations UN 

 Global Governance: Human Rights and Environmental 

The G7 ,G8 & G 20  -World Economic Forum & Trans-Pacific Partnership

Power and Developments 

The use and effectiveness of types of power

 Differing Significance of States in Global Affairs


Consideration of changing nature of world order since 2000

Different systems of government

 Development and spread of liberal economies, the rule of law, and democracy

Impact of world order on conflict, poverty, human rights and the environment.

Regionalism and the EU 

Developments in Regionalism 

Different Forms of Regionalism

Debates about and the reasons and significance of regionalism  

Development of regional organisations, excluding the EU

Factors that have fostered European integration and the major developments through which this has occurred

The ways and extent to which regionalism addresses and resolves contemporary global issues

 Theories of International Relations  

Realism Theory

Marxism, neo-Marxism and critical theory 




Debate: Relative and Absolute gains