Values of the Republicans and Democrats


Key values, principles, and policies of the Democratic Party include the following: - Supporting large government programs to assist the poorest Americans - Advocating for higher taxes on the wealthiest to fund social welfare programs - Expanding affordable healthcare for all Americans - Embracing and extending civil rights for minorities, including LGBTQ+ Americans - Maintaining a pro-choice stance on abortion - Upholding the separation of church and state - Advocating for stricter gun control measures and questioning the absolute nature of the Second Amendment - Appointing Supreme Court judges who interpret the Constitution in a modern context and support judicial activism - Celebrating the diversity of the United States - Advocating for humane reforms to the immigration system, including support for DACA and the DREAM Act - Calling for policing reforms, particularly concerning racial issues, in the aftermath of events like the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

l The USA should work with international organisations and cooperate/

engage with other nations in areas such as climate change and nuclear


l Environmentalism and climate change are very real and imminent dangers.

The USA needs a ‘Green New Deal’ and urgently.