Asset based Egalitarianism

 Third way politics places an emphasis  on responsibility and equality of opportunity.

Some famous recent work on the policy efficaciousness of universal basic capital or asset-based egalitarianism has been conducted by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott in The Stakeholder Society. In this policy proposal, the method of funding the 'stake' was by means of a wealth tax and provides a sum of $80,000 for those reaching the age of majority.

In actual policy, Gordon Brown and the British Labour Party initiated the United Kingdom Child Trust Fund, while in the United States the idea has been implemented in the form of individual development account and argued for by Michael Sherraden. These remain the nearest practical examples.

Policies such as the Child Trust Fund are motivated by ideas of responsibility and opportunity rather than need is clear from this excerpt:

The account can give your child a head start as a young adult. It will help your child understand personal finance and the importance of saving for their future. The account belongs to them and when they turn 18, the money is theirs to use as they think best.